What’s Included in Your Monthly Website Fee?

August 16, 2020
A brief overview of the services, perks, support, and overall value included in your monthly website fee from Brock Creative Projects.

You have no shortage of options when it comes to web design and marketing services each with their own range of prices, both one-time and monthly. While most of these services will give you a list of what you’ll get for your money, you may still be unsure of what’s included, what the company does for you, and what you’re expected to do yourself. This has led to confusion and frustration for business owners for years. 

So to eliminate any confusion and maintain as much transparency as possible with your relationship with Brock Creative Projects, here’s a list of everything included in your monthly website fee along with a detailed description.

Better customer support

I knew from the day I started creating websites professionally that excellent customer support was absolutely necessary. A lot of businesses claim it, but not nearly as many actually deliver. Most of my clients moving to me from a third party platform or service have expressed some level of discontent with the quality of customer support that they experienced with their previous provider.

Perhaps the highest piece of value I can offer my clients is direct access to my personal cell and email where they can contact me, their developer, at any time. I normally get back with any help requests within just a few hours and make it a point to address their questions, concerns, or issues as soon as possible. 

I am more than happy to have my clients email, call, or text me at any time. I’m proud to be their “website guy” and look to be a partner in business rather than your typical customer support line.

Free website changes or content updates

People come to website design or online marketing with different levels of experience and capabilities. Some of my clients want full admin access to their website and want to have the freedom to edit and add to their website whenever they want. And some of my clients don’t want to bother logging in and would much rather I take of it. 

So to make this the best fit for both worlds (and everything in-between), I use the highest quality page builders and tools for people who want the ability to do it themselves and include free changes or edits for each of my client’s websites every month.

Two free changes per month

Contact me anytime for simple changes or updates to the content of your website and I can normally get to it within 24 to 48 hours. I include two of these basic changes per month and charge a small fee for each after that.

Small/basic changes may include: Changes to text, Swap/add new images, Minor color & style changes, Add simple page sections, Changes to form fields, etc.

Extensive or advanced changes are also available at an hourly rate. 

Extensive/Advanced changes may include: Add pages, Write/Create custom content, Add content to multiple areas of the website, Website-wide design/layout changes, Add advanced features like galleries, sliders, custom post types, complex forms, etc.

Access to premium hosting, tools, plugins, & themes

I don’t want to quote a price for a service and then require the client to find and purchase all of the tools and other services necessary for their website to run properly that they didn’t even know they needed. With Brock Creative Projects, all of these are included in your monthly fee.

A standalone WordPress environment (not multisite!) with managed WP Engine hosting. WP Engine is the standard in managed WordPress hosting and is specifically built to support high-priority websites that have to stay up and running. Some other benefits to WP Engine are SSL certification (https), rock-solid security, CDN availability, and excellent customer support. When a website has to function, you use WP Engine.

I also use a collection of premium plugins and themes that require a subscription or licensing fee however, you don’t need to pay for them yourself! I have purchased a developer license to these services and my clients get free use of them for as long as they are working with me. Some of these plugins and themes add critical functionality to your website such as page building, contact forms, custom type management, mail services, additional functionality, advanced eCommerce capabilities, and more.

Website-wide updates

Anyone with any experience with WordPress knows that part of having such a powerful and flexible platform is the necessity of updating the theme, plugins, and core software that makes up the system. These updates are critical in keeping your website secure and functioning as expected.

I handle all of these updates for you and check your website for any compatibility issues that may be caused by newer versions of these plugins. Each plugin comes from different developers and, although they have certain standards they should follow, sometimes problems do occur. When they do, we need to either roll back to a previous version until they can get sorted out or find a different solution altogether. But don’t worry. This is my job to make sure you and your visitors never experience a problem!

Complete daily backups of all files and databases

I also include daily and monthly (separate) backups of your entire website files and databases. These backups are stored separately from the server that your website is hosted on and can be instantly restored at any time.

This ensures that your data, images, articles, products, pages, and everything else that makes up your website and information is never lost due to server failure (never happened at WP Engine), security problems, or simply a mistake made by an administrator editing the website.

Security checks and protection

Security has to be taken seriously and corners can’t be cut when it comes to your business’s website and reputation. This is another reason why I use WP Engine as their servers are specifically built with security measures that greatly reduce the risk of hacks and malware unlike cheaper hosting options. 

I also run a security check every 30 days and manage the Sucuri plugin as an added layer of security. I’ve never had a hack, malware, or any other type of security issue with a website I manage.

5-minute uptime monitoring

I use a service that automatically pings your website every 5 minutes to ensure it’s live. I have an over 99.9% average uptime for my clients so problems aren’t expected, but if they do come up, I’m notified right away and can address the issue immediately.

Ongoing service upgrades and website enhancements

I’m constantly working to improve my web design services and add new features and enhancements that add value to the websites I create. Any new upgrades or improvements will be included for each of my current clients as an added benefit. 

I also give ongoing recommendations or tips based on your specific business and website. If I have an idea for your site or if there is a new feature that I think your website can benefit from, I will reach out and get your thoughts on how we can work together to take advantage of it!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions and let me know what you think about the value offered in my monthly website fee!

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